Musings About Music In Film

The Best of 2016


2016 has been a pretty fantastic year for film music and here are what we consider the best of the lot, in no order of quality... By Charlie Brigden

ABULELE - Frank Ilfman 

A darker take on E.T., with spectacular melodies from Ilfman, one of the best contemporary composers around.

HIGH RISE - Clint Mansell

As dystopian as the film's concept, Mansell combines orchestra and moog to score a deterioration of society and it's a spectacular work. Review.

JACKIE - Mica Levi

Levi takes the bones of UNDER THE SKIN and fashions them into something equally powerful, an exploration of grief and identity. Review.


A stunning and bold orchestral score matching the fearless innovation of Laika, with shades of absolute beauty.

LAMB - Daniel Belardinelli

A lovely tender score, introspective and searching from a real talent of a composer. Review.

MOONLIGHT - Nicholas Britell

Fantastic look at three time periods and the way that changes musically, a brilliant character study score.

THE NEON DEMON - Cliff Martinez

Electronica doesn't get much betterer, with Martinez building on the work in DRIVE and ONLY GOD FORGIVES and beating both of those into the ground. Review.

ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY - Michael Giacchino

Giacchino was on a hiding to nothing, but he deftly weaved themes from the original trilogy while creating memorable motifs of his own and a truly enjoyable score. Review.


Ben Lovett's synth masterwork has shades of Vangelis and co, but develops from that to become its own beautiful thing. Review.

THE WITCH - Mark Korven

A small and intimate score with the use of older instruments which like the movie it belongs to is both terrifying and truly brilliant.