Hans Zimmer, Benjamin Wallfisch, Lorne Balfe/2017/Watertower Music

Christopher Nolan's new film is being pushed on large-scale film formats like IMAX and 70MM, and back again is Hans Zimmer with more of the intense and claustrophobic tonal writing the DARK KNIGHT trilogy made him infamous for, this time with a ticking clock motif running through it. None of it is particularly engaging or thrilling on its own (haven't seen the film) at least until we get to the end, with the penultimate track being an interpretation of music by Edward Elgar as arranged by Benjamin Wallfisch, and it's by far the best track on the record. The album ends with a weak Tangerine Dream riff and more crushing, claustrophobic material to tell us it's all very serious it seems, but it's a trial to get through. - Charlie Brigden